Month: December 2021

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How To Use A Candle Safely: Fire Safety Guide

Open flames can cause fire hazards, so make sure you use candles for special occasions or to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that candles are responsible for nearly 10,000 fires in residential homes each year. These are some tips to help you avoid a candle-caused fire. Candle fire…
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Water Damage Restoration In Kansas City

This article will explain water damage restoration in Kansas City. The purpose of Kansas City water damage restoration is to drain water from the house and make it livable again. It is a specialty service. Flooded homes should be restored quickly. High humidity and high levels of moisture make water stagnant and a perfect environment for mold…
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How To Clean Washing Machine And Dryer – Guide

Your washer and dryer, just like clothes, need to be cleaned periodically. Washing machines can build up detergent residue that may lead to mold and dryers accumulate lint which could cause a fire. To keep your washer and dryer clean and safe, make sure you wash them regularly. How to Clean Your Washing Machine 1. Use baking…
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What Is Green Mold And Why Is Green Mold Dangerous?

There are many types of mold, but each one can be dangerous to your health. This is also true for green mold. Have you ever wondered what green mold is and how dangerous it can be? Here are some facts about green mold, which can grow in your home. What is green mold? The umbrella term green mold…
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How To Remove Smells From Carpet

Carpets with a musty odor can be both dangerous and unpleasant. They can make your home unpleasant and pollute indoor air with moldspores. It is easy to get rid of musty odors from carpets, even if your home has been submerged. There are many ways to get rid of carpet odors. These steps will get rid of…
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