All You Need to know About David Rubulotta

How do people see a business executive married to a media anchor? How do you describe the quantity of responsibility surrounding while raising a family in Modern America? Well, David Rubulatto definitely knows what it feels like to be all of these. 

However, One can not be an anchor of a renowned media house without becoming a global celebrity. Thus many of you are certainly aware of Erin Burnett, the highly gifted host of her own program on CNN “Erin Burnett Outfront”. She is famous worldwide, but what does anyone know about her husband of six years, David Rubulotta.

Moving forward to him, as an administrator in high-yield sales at Citibank, Rubulotta shares most of his time between work and family. But there’s more to learn about the famous Lehman Brothers executive.

For those of you who are interested to know about the lucky man who finally landed the CNN big lady, this is more likely to be the place for you. Here, we are exploring all you need to know to lay hands-on, that you are willing to know about David Thomas Rubulotta.


David Rubulotta, Who’s full name is David Thomas Rubulotta and was born in 1973 in the East Coast state of Pennsylvania. Although there are not enough details mentioned about his Childhood. 

Both of his parents had built their business worlds from the ground-up. Growing up, the happenings around him, helped him to develop the skills of adaptation to teamwork. However, his parent’s names are not mentioned anywhere.


However, the education sources believe that he attended and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University. His course of study isn’t mentioned either. He obtained an MBA from Columbia University in 1998.

Career Debut

David Rubulotta’s brilliance and excellent persona set him up for the rare chance to give him the opportunity of working as a stock trader with the now-defunct financial services firm, Lehman Brothers, an elite fund in America.

For quite ten decades David added the success of the bank through his knowledge in the stock trade market and financial investigations. Apart from David Pubulotta’s net worth increasing day by day, at age 25, David Rubulotta already owned stocks, condominiums, and bonds, and furthermore sources of revenue. In an interview, he emphasizes the importance of passive income seeing as time has more significance than quick assists.

MD In Citibank

Later on, this young executive switched jobs as he made his first big move to Citibank as MD of high-yield sales. That helped David Rubulotta’s net worth to grow rapidly. However, it’s not clear if the move was as a result of the unstable circumstances that led to the crash of Lehman Brothers of the 2008 financial meltdown. 

He has also worked as a Vice-President of CitiMedia. The digital media arm of Citigroup. Today, David Rubulotta’s efforts are considered to be the running force for Citibank’s rapid rise and development.

David Rubulotta holds strong, conservative Christian beliefs and maybe a loyal Republican in political theory. In fact, he donated over $3,000 to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s election campaign in 2009.

David Rubulotta currently lives in New Jersey. He also owns an apartment located in the Upper west area of New York near central park. Which is one of the expensive realtor sites across the US. There are not any kind of queries about how he affords such luxury. David Rubulotta’s net worth speaks for itself.

Salary And Net Worth

Sources have it that the typical take home of a Citibank executive stands at around $300,000 yearly with an extra bonus of $150,000 each year. David Rubulotta’s net worth is estimated at $12 million. Plus, his exotic properties give us a glimpse of what it wishes to be at the helm of Citibank’s daily affairs. He’s also a Chris Christie fan. He donated $3,400 to Governor Christie’s election campaign in 2009. 

First Date

The couple is claimed to have their first contact when Erin Burnett worked as a vice president of Citi media. While David worked at Citibank. Both Citi media and Citibank are under the identical umbrella organization, CitiGroup. So although they worked for an identical company they weren’t having contact with one another. Until the couple met on a blind date arranged by their mutual friend, Nicola Lokko. 

Official Relationship Period

Relationship Period
Image Source – articles.gomarry.com

Three years after their first date. Erin wrote a descriptive quote published in a Men’s Health Magazine. The article was entitled “8 ways to impress me” she listed 8 points required to marry her. Sounding some kind of funny and yet touchy. That’s what Erin mentioned on public consumption.

However, It is still not confirmed whether Rubulotta was able to achieve Burnett’s famous list of 8 things that might impress her. Including that the man must be capable of planning a trip to a fascinating location.

Moreover, sending a non-public yoga instructor to her apartment and buying round-trip business class tickets to New Zealand or Australia for her parents. Although the couple’s relationship was already official after almost a year of their first date.


They kept dating until 2011. 8 years later, when Rubulotta proposed to Erin. In 2012, their wedding was Christmas-themed. It was conducted at the big apple hall. Erin was fully to blame for her day’s affairs like food. Along with the location for the event, decorations, and additionally the invites. The dress code of the bride, Burnett, was red.

David’s age was 42 years during the marriage while his wife was 36. However, after the December wedding, the couple had a grand reception at Atlantic Grill Restaurant. which had a Christmas theme in an ode to the Christmas holidays.

While talking to the guests after their marriage, the CNN diva explained that Christmas was the couple’s favorite time of the year. Which is why they chose to tie up the knots at that point of the year.


So far, their union now carries two lovely children. A son named christened Thomas Burnett Rubulotta, born in 2013, and a daughter named Colby Isabelle born in 2015. According to Burnett, welcoming their son, Thomas, was the foremost joyous moment of their entire lives as a pair.

They always used to talk about having children throughout their eight years of dating. After breaking the news of her pregnancy in March 2018, Burnett and her husband, Rubulotta welcomed their third child. A son named Owen Thomas Burnett Rubulotta. He was born in New York City on the 23rd of August, 2018.

Social Media Presence

David Rubulotta is highly active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. He has kept both the account private. He is more likely to keep his personal life information private.


David Thomas Rubulotta is a well-known financial investment professional of the Citi group corporation. Rubulotta holds several licenses and certifications across the financial industry and more recently made headlines regarding his announced engagement and wedding to prominent American financial television personality Erin Burnett.

Therefore, if you are desperate to learn furthermore about David Thomas Rubulotta, husband of the famous anchor for the globally renowned media house. You should read this above-mentioned article as it provides every detail and all you need to know about Davit Rubulotta.

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