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Tania Raymonde born in Los Angeles, California, on March 22, 1988, is an American actress. Her height is 5’5″ (1.66 m) and her birth name is Tania Raymonde Helen Katz. She began her career between 2000 and 2002, starring Cynthia Sanders in a TV series Malcolm in the middle. Moreover, she won two awards, Winner for best of the fest for Trophy Kids in 2011 and Winner of Best Actress for her movie The Garage in 2006.

Furthermore, she has also directed, edited, and written a short film, Cell Division at the age of 17 in 2016. In fact, the film got three certificates of merit awards in The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. She has written the first feature crime thriller and also directed set in Orange County named as Little Saigon. Let’s take a look at what this multi-talented lady has achieved and done so far.

Personal Life And Career

She hasn’t got married yet at the age of 32. She has done almost 30 movies until now. The net worth of this tremendous actress, director, and writer is USD 3 million. Her parents are Anne-Marie and Jon Katz. Her father is Jewish American of Polish-Jewish descent and a Russian, and her mother is French, a catholic from Corsica. 

tania raymonde

Tania obtained her French baccalaureate from Lycee Francais de Los Angeles. She has written and directed on her own which proves that she is much more than only a pretty face. Before getting fame she appeared on a Disney show named  That’s So Raven.

Book Published on Tania Raymonde

Jack Gray, an author, published a book named “Tania Raymonde 56 Success Facts – Everything You Need to Know about Tania Raymonde”. This book is her biography. In it, you will find the up to date 56 success facts about her. 

This book is the ultimate resource for Tania. Apart from her success facts in this book, you will find early life, career, and personal life about her and much more. The publication date of the book is 2nd June 2014 published by Emereo Publishing.

Love For Horror & Action Movies

Tania said in the multiple interviews how much she loves horror and action movies. Moreover, she always wanted to be a part of such films because they give her a feeling of excitement and joy.

According to her, she has a very high tolerance for gore and blood. She is the perfect horror movie viewer because she does not get scared very easily. 

Regarding action movies, she said that she always wanted to do action stunts and action movies as she grew up on it.  Further, she wished that she would like to do a straight action movie that’s hardcore – heavy action, like The Expendables or Fast Five.


Raymonde did her first feature film role in Children on their birthdays in 2002. She is most popular for her role Alex Rousseau in ABC drama Lost. She also played the role of the murderer Jodi Arias in Lifetime original feature; Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret. Some of her movies include;

tania raymonde
  • The Garage 2006
  • Japan 2008
  • Foreign Exchange 2008
  • Wild Cherry 2009
  • The other side of tracks 2010
  • Texas Chainsaw 3D
  • Where is rocky 2
  • Blue like jazz
  • Crazy eyes

Earlier in 2019, she starred in Cliffs of Freedom,  inspired by the historical events. She played the character of Anna Christina in the film. Her last recent movie is the 3rd sequel of the Deep Blue Sea. Deep Blue Sea 3 is a blockbuster and adventurous film that was released in August 2020. She is widely popular in the industry due to her amazing acting. She has appeared in more than 30 movies.

She played the role of Dr. Emma Collins in the film. In her recent interview for Deep Blue sees said that she loved the script and as a kid, she loved the first part of the movie. Also, she was fascinated by the fear everybody has for sharks and their attacks. Many viewers liked her character in this movie.

TV Series

Her first television series was Syd in Wonderland, where she played the role of Alice. Thus, she started her career very early.  Some of the best series by Tania is

  • The brothers Garcia
  • The nightmare room
  • That’s So Raven
  • The Guardian
  • Lost
  • Medium

She recently appeared on a famous TV series, The Goliath, which is an American series by Amazon Studios. Raymonde played the role of Brittany Gold in this series started in 2016 and is ongoing with 24 episodes.

Music Videos

Her first music video, Won’t Go Home Without You was with Maroon 5 in the year 2007. She further appeared in I couldn’t love you with Cursive in the year 2009 and Red Alert with Arshad Aslam in the year 2011. Lastly in Killing days, living nights, in the year 2014 with Keram Malicki-Sanchez.

Social Site

Tania Raymonde is on Instagram with the username Tania.raymonde, has 684 posts and 188k followers. Tania has recently posted her artwork on her Instagram account and people are appreciating it. She has done some funky and brilliant drawings and paintings that are eye-catching. She has also posted pictures from the set of her upcoming blockbuster Deep Blue Sea 3. She is active on Instagram and interacts with fans through it.

Experiences of Deep Blue Sea

She shares her experience on the sets of the film, she said that it was fun to do it and she had a great time. So here it explains how much she was excited to do the film and how adventurous this person is. She learned diving before the shooting of the movies because she didn’t know how to dive or swim before. She works hard and makes sure to show the best performance to the viewers. Many fans around the world admire her alot. She is an inspiration to many young actors in the industry.

Thoughts on COVID-19 Pandemic

When Tania was asked what were her plans on going forward in this situation, she expressed her concern and said that she wishes that it will be over soon and everyone will be able to get back to normal.  She told her fans to remain safe and follow precautionary measures. She is hopeful that this situation will be solved sooner on a global scale.

Top Searches For Tania

The top search interest for Tania

  • In Alaska 100%
  • Washington 92%
  • In Montana 91%
  • Wyoming 90%
  • In Idaho 78%

Hence, by this ratio, we can estimate how popular this multi-talented lady is.


Indeed Raymonde is a lady of multiple talents. She has done a tremendous amount of blockbusters and kept up the good work. Moreover, she is a fan of horror and action movies and wants to play her part in that. Truly, Tania is a woman of hard work and solid intentions. 

She is an outspoken and courageous woman who does what she wants. She loves to meet new people and wants to work with as many versatile actors as possible. Moreover, Since her parents were both from different religions she followed them both. She followed Jewish and catholic too. She was raised Jewish as well as a Catholic. She celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah. 

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