All You Need To Know About Bill Burr Wife

A beautiful woman and jokes, don’t you like it? If this thought appeals to you, you would like to know about Bill Burr wife. A lady who is beautiful and also has a good sense of humor. However, a brief introduction to Bill Burr is essential to get to know about his love life. 

Thus, Bill Burr is an American actor-comedian. Moreover, he is a podcaster too. He has been doing comedy since 1992. He has recorded a weekly podcast duration time-period of one hour. This comedian’s career is the reason behind his meeting with his wife. Thus, his wife is not merely a beautiful lady. She has many more qualities which you might not know about.

Therefore, if you want to know about that pretty lady with a good sense of humor. You should read further. As this content will embark upon good information about her.

Introduction to Bill Burr Wife

The stand-up comedian; Bill Burr wife is a part-time comedian known as Nia Renee Hill. She is an actor and producer. This lady who is currently 51, was born on 2nd June 1969 in Los Angeles, California. Although she is an African-American, her parents are American. Thus, her father raised her after the divorce of her parents.

An Educated Women

Bill Burr wife attended High-School from Virginia as she went to Greensville County High School. She was a member of her school’s Theater Troupe. After graduating from High school, Nia took admission at Emerson College, Boston. She kept Media Arts as her major subject. She passed out of college in 2000. It is a coincidence that her better half also graduated from the same college in 1993. 

Moreover, Nia did every possible effort to boost her skills in acting. As she attended many fashion designing and active courses. Thus, she has been creative since she was a student.

Career History and Net Worth

Since Nia’s father raised her, she developed an interest in the entertainment industry. As her father was a Hollywood actor, acting is in her blood. Thus, Nia has worked in a handful of movies which include; American series Santa Clarita Diet. Moreover, she has also played a role in ‘Divorce: a love story’, ‘Lila: long distance’, and ‘Did You Look For Work This Week?’.

The last one is a short comedy-drama. 

Furthermore, Bill Burr wife has also shown her skills in the wardrobe and costume department of the films. The film, like 2014’s ‘Pizzazz: Where is my movie?’. She made many guest appearances in the podcasts of Bill Burr. Additionally, being a part-time comedian, Nia has also done a few comedy shows. However, her net worth is not exposed yet. 

Writing Skills

Nia does not solely possess acting and comedy skills. As she is a creative woman, she writes too. She wrote for a blog; XO Jane. On this platform, she created content on diverse topics, which include women’s lifestyles and dilemmas. Thus, she is known to be an author of love and beauty. 

Getting Married to Bill Burr

Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hills have one thing common that both of them are comedians. Thus, they met on the set of a comedy show. They shared the same sense of humor. Moreover, they agreed to a point that it is amazing to have a partner who makes you laugh constantly, even in bad times. 

However, they dated for a few years and then tied a knot in 2013. After getting married, the couple moved to Los Angeles, California. They live there, hitherto. Thus, in 2014 Hills was in the list of ‘the 10 hottest Wives and Girlfriends of the Comedians’. 

Hills’ Family

Bill Burr wife desired to have children. Although the couple was old enough, they had their first baby daughter in January 2017. They named her Lola Burr. Moreover, recently, Nia shared her picture on Instagram letting followers know that she is expecting again. Thus, soon the couple will have their second baby.

Furthermore, Bill Burr showed the excitement of their first child during his Paper Tiger play. He showed immense care about his daughter by denying to crack a joke about a daughter. As he stated, what if his daughter saw this? She would get hurt.

Feminism and Argument

Nia has written so much about women’s rights and lifestyles. Thus, she is a big supporter of feminism. Therefore, once she had a hot argument on the topic of feminism with her husband. Due to the reason that Bill Burr cracks jokes on women and housewives. However, they managed through their sense of humor and cooled it. 

Interesting Facts About Hills

Besides all the skills and qualities, Nia is a quite hard working lady. As she shows her sentiments toward her husband by saying that she doesn’t feel good to let her husband do everything. 

Moreover, she agrees that her career didn’t go in the direction that she expected after marriage. However, she will work hard for her family. So, she can equally contribute to household expenses. It will also improve the imbalance in their relationship which occurred due to Nia being lazy. 


Briefly, Nia Renee Hills has proved the couple goals, besides her attractive and skillful personality. She has proved to be a good comedian, wife, and mother. As she tolerates all types of jokes that Bill Burr cracks on her. Moreover, her experience in comedy helps her with that to take it in positive. 

Furthermore, she portrays a lot of sentiments toward her husband on social media platforms. That contributes to their couple goals in public. Along with being such a talented actor, comedian, and writer, she has also proved to be a wonderful lady. A woman who manages and copes up with her personal life along with giving equal time to her fans. As she is a regular Instagram user.

Thus, she keeps her fans updated through her Instagram posts. Therefore, she has been getting plenty of love and fame from them. Although she is not too young, she still looks wonderful and attractive.

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