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Meta: Debby Belichick is the ex-wife of New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick and the mother of three children; want to know more about her then this article is for you

Around the world of business, the name Debby Clarke Belichick opens lots of doors. She is one of the foremost exceedingly strong women and the co-owner of the successful store The Art of Tile and Stone, which can be found in Wellesley’s thriving corner.

She has made plenty of money from her business ventures, but her biggest claim to fame was her marriage to the geographic area Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick. They were famous for being one of the foremost longest-married couples in sports, and their popularity grew as Bill’s career grew.

Therefore, for those interested in knowing about this lady Debby Clarke Belichick, this is more likely to be the place for you. Here, we are exploring all you need to know to lay hands-on, that you are willing to know about her.

Who is Debby Clarke Belichick

Who is Debby Clarke Belichick

Born as Debby Clarke but later on was known by the name Debby Clarke Belichick after her union to her ex-husband, Bill Belichick. Debby Clarke Belichick gained fame as her ex-husband, Bill Belichick, became a prominent figure across the football industry. Bill Belichick is a famous head coach of the geographic region Patriots in the NFL. 

He plays by his rules rather than being a member of the NFL coaches association despite having served by them for quite a while. Assumptions probably make us believe that if Debby weren’t in a relationship with Bill, she would have maintained her private life as details about her parents, education, and childhood have taken off from the records.

Nevertheless, we all know that Debby Clarke Belichick seems to be a boss of her own. She has done very well in business and currently is a co-founder of The Art of Tile & Stone store located in Wellesley.


Quiet and reserved, Debby Clarke stepped into the world in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee. She is of white culture and also an American. Her exact birth date and month don’t seem to be mentioned. Neither is details about her parents, siblings, or childhood background. 


Debby Clarke Belichick completed her early education at Annapolis high school before entering Wesleyan University, where she bagged a bachelor’s degree. After graduating from college, Debby decided to throw herself into a profession that exhibited her creative side.


Ever since she was a teenager, Debby Clarke Belichick has always been Highly interested in design. So, there was nothing new for her to move forward towards that career path when the time came. She started her own interior design firm with a bunch of her friends.

They founded an association named Art of Tile & Stone. It highlights everything from interior decoration to installing the latest tiles and stones according to their customer’s specifications or in aesthetically appealing arrangements and blends.

Relationship With Bill Belichick

Debby and Belichick were in a relationship since they were teenagers. He is also from Nashville, Tennessee, just like Debby. However, he was raised in Annapolis, Maryland. He used to play both football and lacrosse. Moreover, in his postgraduate year, he studied at Phillips Academy to get higher grades.

In 1975, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wesleyan University. Debby and Belichick had a serious relationship when, in 1975, Bill Belichick began his coaching career. The first job of Bill Belichick in the NFL was as a head coach Ted Marchibroda of the Baltimore Colts. Exactly after a year, he was hired by Detroit Lions. 


In 1977, Debby and Belichick got married. On the professional front, Belichick took up the duties of coaching tight ends and wide receivers that year. In the following season, he joined the Denver Broncos.

 From 1979 to 1990, Bill Belichick subsequently served the Newyork Giants as an assistant coach under coach Ray Perkins. Moreover, from 1991 to 1995, as a head coach, he served at Cleveland Browns. Geographical area Patriots (1996), and to Newyork Jets (1997-99), just before returning to the Patriots in 2000. 

Since then, he has been with them and has led them to approximately 6 NFL Super Bowl Championship wins. After that, he was selected as the AP NFL Coach of the Year three times (2003, 2007, and 2010).


According to reports, Debby Clarke and Bill Belichick parted ways before the 2004 season. However, the news went public through the patriots only in July 2005. He allegedly had an affair with his previous Giants receptionist Sharon Shenocca. Who got divorced from her husband Vincent Shenocca at the time. 

People accused him of not only showering Shenocca with expensive gifts but also purchasing a $2.2 million four-bedroom Park Slope townhouse for her. These became the reason to trigger the divorce proceedings eventually. However, it was finalized in 2006. Since the divorce, Belichick has currently been dating Linda Holliday of Jupiter, Florida.


Debby Clarke received a considerable amount of cash after the divorce proceedings. She was mentally ready to help her move on, as life is more likely to be vastly different after being dependent solely without the husband to persuade her to income.

She opened her tile and a layout store called” The Art of Tile & Stone” that began to gain plenty of fame online. The store has been highly active and is located in Massachusetts, which is rapidly earning a lot.

Aside from that, nothing else is mentioned about her current jobs. Since she doesn’t have any online existence, none of her personal accounts on social networking sites exist, other than her business Instagram account.

Debby Clarke Belichick runs a non-governmental organization as well. Along with her ex-husband, which is based on preserving nature and supporting people living with disabilities. Also, by finding them jobs and other opportunities in the sports industry.


Debby and Belichick gave birth to three children. A daughter Amanda, and two sons, Stephen and Brian. Amanda has played lacrosse in high school and college and joined Wesleyan University. In July 2015. She became the top women’s lacrosse coach at Holy Cross College in Massachusetts, just like her father. 

Stephen is currently the safeties coach under his father at the Patriots. In 2016, Brian joined the Patriots’ front office as a scouting assistant. Moreover, all three of them are into the work of their interests. Afterward, Amanda worked for the school’s admission unit. She worked as interim head women’s coach at Wesleyan University.

Later became an assistant coach of the women’s lacrosse team for the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In 2005, Amanda served as a lacrosse coach for Ohio State Buckeyes. Also, the Holy Cross College administration named her one of the foremost greatest coaches of the women’s lacrosse team.

Net Worth

When talking about Debby Clarke Belichick’s fortune, she grew her business ventures over the years by the chunk of money she received from her divorce. Along with the award-winning NFL coach. Derby carries a whopping net value of over $3 million. However, the ex-wife of the sportsman Bill Belichick’s can get retired any day and still live out her remaining life in luxury.


When Debby filed a divorce from Bill because he had several extramarital affairs that dishonored his marital vows, Also proving that she was not his type of woman. Who knew her worth and wasn’t afraid to get rid of a toxic relationship. She kept her head above the messy waters of the divorce, managing to land on her two feet, and continue expanding her business enterprises.

Therefore, if you are desperate to learn furthermore about Debby Clarke Belichick, ex-wife of the famous sportsman, Bill Belichick. You should read this article mentioned above as it provides every detail and all you need to know about Debby Clarke Belichick

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