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2020 Digital Marketing Trend – Top 10 You Must Know

A variety of revolving elements makes up the digital marketing. Using SEO, you will increase awareness and organic traffic. As well as it can create a reputation through your involvement in social media. Marketing technology will save you money and make the effort more user-defined.

This doesn’t matter what the industry is, or what products and services you offer likely won’t be ignored. By now, there aren’t too many successful companies that have no online port. However, new technologies and devices will come in 2020, to change and hold their companies at the peak.

Below, are some details of the key digital marketing trends for 2020 to help you remain ahead of the trend.

  • Micro-influencers

Influencer marketing has always been a strategy in digital marketing. Nonetheless, it’s been so effective that big-time influencers already make the decisions. Besides, micro-influencers often always have a greater degree of interaction than the more common influencers. In comparison, working in a market of micro-influencers is simpler, as they also serve niches themselves.

  • Video Marketing Strategy

Since video marketing has already proven its worth in the past few years. And this digital marketing trend will also make its way into digital marketing in 2020.  Video is perhaps the most viewed content on social media, and also the most shared. It would be incredibly necessary to have a strong video marketing campaign for 2020, as this is what people look forward to. 

  • Repurposing Content

Different users use different social media platforms. To be able to maximize your reach and get your message across to as many of your ideal customers as possible. You need to be using several social media channels. That means learning to repurpose material is important. 

Social networking has been an important communication tool for businesses of all sorts. Buying and selling on social platforms would no doubt be a big aspect of digital marketing trends by 2020.

  • Change In Visualization

Immersive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is gradually rising to popularity in the digital marketing trending world. While VR is until currently the more common of the two, AR is quickly catching up and will most definitely beat the popularity of VR quite soon.

AR is now widely used by major corporations for publicity. In 2020, interactive technology is supposed to be an advanced theme in digital marketing.

  • Growth Of Artificial Intelligence
Growth Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already made its place in different marketing and consumer relations fields. Artificial intelligence will soon be an inseparable part of digital marketing trend strategies. AI can help drive demand and reduce costs in fields of customer support, customization, e-commerce sales, and product suggestions.

  • Smart Bidding 

Google Advertising introduces smart bidding on their advertisements. Google Ads’ new changes would add routing and intelligent bidding, to get full returns on each conversion. The updates will optimize your bids better than ever and will enable you the option to select campaign-level conversion activities. It is one development in digital marketing that many advertisers look forward to seeing across 2020.

  • Marketing Via Social Apps
Marketing Via Social Apps

The companies are bringing the discussion to DMs in an attempt to get more acquainted with consumers. Brands are creating closer relationships with their customers through messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, or private messages on social media.

Brands found that DMing consumers are successful in forming partnerships, whether they answer grievances, accept purchase requests, or just actually fool about. The strategy functions well by convincing people to send you a reply by supplying your email. Then by inviting them to use an exclusive sale or coupon code.

  • Marketing Content 

To place yourself apart from the 2020 rivals, the personalization of the advertisement strategies for your consumers would be highly significant.

Personal information, goods, and advertisements can do even more than general material. To produce highly targeted material, start gathering data on consumer browsing habits and purchasing behavior.

  • Advertising Platform

Businesses have since been using stories on social media platforms as a multimedia tool for their goods and services. Moreover, social networking posts can be a fun and inexpensive source of advertising. It’s often simpler to capture the viewer’s imagination because such tales are brief and concise. As more and more people get on social media, the digital marketing trend will continue to grow in 2020.

  • Visual Search The Latest Trend 

Visual search is the newest development in an online search. By using visual search, consumers will now check for items online by clicking with the visual search feature on an image of the object. 

However, to remain relevant in 2020, digital marketers will have to optimize their content to appear on visual search, too.


And, as you can see, developments in the digital marketing environment are going quickly. The next developments in digital marketing in 2020 are, unsurprisingly, both more social and more technological. The general draw of digital marketing tends to move for more trusted partnerships with more focused niches.  In the year 2020, technology is just opening new doors to get there.

Above mentioned are few of the digital marketing trends that you must be knowing if you are interested and want to be part of digital marketing.

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