Has COVID Increased The Trend Of Online Shopping In Pakistan?

Covid-19 pandemic is the moment of glory for E-Commerce. As for the last few years, Pakistan has been working on expanding the digitalization of its economy. This prevalent situation has completely changed the shopping pattern throughout the world including Pakistan, as online transactions have been rising. A large number of e-commerce merchants have made an appearance.

Has COVID Increased The Trend Of Online Shopping In Pakistan?

People are getting familiar with this pattern, as it has made it easier for them to fulfill their necessities. For decades, we have been hearing that electronic and technological development will someday become dominant over everything else. That someday is sure ‘Today’, as the internet has pinch-hit from grocery shopping to education.

With online shopping, many issues have arisen as well. As every development comes up with pros and cons, so does online shopping.

Pros That Attract People To Online Shopping  

Online shopping has brought ease for people shopping. Shops are never closing, so customers get the opportunity to order their stuff whenever they wish to. People don’t need to dress up nicely to go out shopping instead, they can shop in pajamas from their sofas.

Moreover, if it comes to second thoughts, they get time to cancel their order before the parcel gets to their doorsteps. They save traveling expenditures which is an advantage. Online shopping has been saving energy as well as time because people don’t need to roam around to find a perfect dress or shoes for themselves.

Friends can send online gift cards on a person’s birthday and show their love. Furthermore, retailers allow customers to go through reviews of the material they purchased or want to purchase. When asked by a few online customers, they stated that online shopping is better because we go through specific things, and choose in between them.

Whereas, when we go to a mall, the variety of materials confuses us about which one to choose. COVID spreads rapidly in crowded places. Following the fact, many people don’t permit their adults and teenagers to go out shopping due to widespread, thus online shopping keeps their essentials on fingertips. Due to this many people are doing online shopping as WHO has advised staying at home and go out only when absolutely necessary.

Peculiar Thing

With lots of advantages, online shopping in this pandemic has brought something weird to people. People find it difficult to understand the reason behind contactless deliveries. This policy has created some troubles for the customers who pay through credit card. As the person who delivers their order leaves it on their doorstep without informing the customer. Contactless order makes it hard for the customer to negotiate with the retailer.

Compulsive Situation

Though online shopping has surely become a trend but, not everyone shops online wholeheartedly. Many people unwillingly order online due to the compulsion they face, to just fulfill their needs. As there are many customers, who only buy things after watching it live. They face inconvenience in purchasing many things like perfumes and shoes. Because many retailers don’t give a policy of return or exchange. 

Many retailers don’t send the exact product that the customer ordered. And the packed product makes it harder for customers to know if it is the same thing or not. But pressure often makes us do things we don’t want to, the same goes for some of the customers shopping online.

Will This Trend Continue Or Not?

Will This Trend Continue Or Not?

Many people think if this trend will continue after this pandemic or it will end as malls reopen and the virus is contained. Well, a number of customers will buy things online, those who feel satisfied. And those too who have engaged themselves in other activities and don’t want to waste their time in markets. The ones who faced issues would surely go out shopping as soon as they get a chance. Because many people enjoy shopping in stores.


Online shopping has taken over the world with its advantages. And this shall continue for the rest of our lives. But, as a trend or not, we will let people decide. Retailers save their time by not negotiating with customers and selling their materials to the point. 

Whereas, customers get a chance to save time and energy and spend it somewhere else, where they find something productive to do. Many customers who were not aware of online shops, get to view them. They get discounts and save expenditures. COVID has gradually brought electronic commerce to shine.

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