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The Elder Scrolls Quests And Redguard Names Significance

The Elder Scrolls quests is a series of action role-playing video games primarily developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The series majorly focuses on free-form gameplay in a detailed open world. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim all won Game of the Year awards from many outlets. The series has sold more than 59 million copies all around the world.

Within the series you see a fictional universe, each game takes place on the continent of Tamriel. Various settings include pre-medieval real-world elements. For example a strong Roman Empire with high fantasy tropes, technology, magic, and different legendary creatures. 

The continent is split into several provinces where many humans live. They live with the popular humanoid fantasy races such as elves and orcs. A common theme is that a specifically chosen hero rises to defeat an incoming threat like an army of an enemy.

After the first series, Arena in 1994, the series has produced a total of five main games. The last three got featured in two or three expansions as well as several spin-offs. In 2014, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, The Elder Scrolls Online, came out. It came out by Bethesda’s affiliated ZeniMax subsidiary ZeniMax Online Studios.

Red Guards

Redguards have the talent and they are the brave warriors of Tamriel. They are naturally talented. These people have dark skin and wiry hair. On the other hand, they are very good at battle, and they have a fierce spirit. Redguards are lucky to have physically strong bodies and resistance to poison. Besides, they do not have any connection with the ancestral Nordic homeland of Atmora.

The Redguards are a race of humans who came from the lost continent of Yokuda. They now reside in the province of Hammerfell. Currently, they have a native Yokudan name Ra Gada which means Warrior wave. Besides, red guards are more proficient with the use of weaponry than any other race is. They are most effective as scouts or adventurers instead of rank or file soldiers because of their versatile and independent personality. 

The History of Redguards 

Redguards are formerly Yokudans belonging to the western continent of Yokuda. This continent sank into the sea in ancient times. The cause of Yokuda’s sinking is natural causes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos. Some people also say that the cause of this continent’s sinking was the revenge of the band of Ansei called the Hiradirge. 

After the sinking of their homeland, the people of Yokuda went to the east and chose to stay in Hammerfell. Many of the refugees started to live on the island of Herne. However, the Ra Gada started living in the mainland of Hammerfell.

Many scholars say that the term Redguard originated from Ra Gada. But, the red guards consider it as a legacy. They say that it is a legacy of War of the Singers which is a series of seven battles in Yokuda. This series took place shortly before the continent was destroyed. The legends say that the war was fought between an army of the Last Emperor named Hira and the Ansei also known as Hiradirge. 

He surveys the leadership of Lord Frandar Hunding at the onset. The Ansei won this war using his Hammer and the Anvil strategy. Even after winning, they didn’t take the land from Hira’s tyranny. But, after the final battle, more than three hundred thousand people were dead. People say that everything was red with blood. 

So, they left the Yokuda land and changed their names. They left everything behind. Moving on, they found a new land called Hammerfell and found a new name called Redguards. They took new Redguard names.  

The Ra Gada Takeover

After their arrival, the Ra Gada attacked Ne de and Mer along with the native beasts. They wanted others to slay as servants or laborers for the Warrior-sailors of the Ra Gada. After only a few months the Ra Gada was known as one of the most powerful races. They were famous on the western shores of the Hammerfell. They disrupted and replaced the Imperial and Nordic raiders who had lived off the area for the longest time. 

From the footholds along the coast, they won every assault. They were successful in driving off the Orcs and making way for the High King and the Yokudan royalty.  They were known as the Na-Totambu. With the help of the Ra Gada, they were able to safely arrive in Hammerfell. Moreover, all the old cities of the Dwemer in the region, except a few, are now the cities of today’s modern land of Hammerfell.

No matter how long ago they came, the Redguards were still known as the newcomers. Every other modern race had already appeared before the Ra Gada arrived at Tamriel’s shores. Even with the advanced culture, they brought with them, their brave nature and the brutality with which they established themselves in Tamriel got them a reputation of barbarians and cutthroats.

The early Redguards faced a Goblin invasion, but they were able to drive them away. Later in the First Era, the Redguards came under threat from a second, almost unstoppable takeover of giant goblins. However, they have opposed successfully thanks to the leadership of Derik Hallin. He restored the teachings of Frandar Hunding and his Book of Circles, which have remained a major part of the Redguards since then.

Society of Redguards

Since their arrival, Redguards have been few in numbers as compared to the other races of Tamriel. Their past Yokudan heritage left them with many talents such as seafaring, agricultural, military, and even the knowledge of astrology. This helped them to thrive in a place where others solely hoped to survive. 

Their society is very martial. They expect to have the basic knowledge of weapons and combat. On the other hand, the rulers must have detailed knowledge of strategy, politics, and war. They only accept the fast, strong, and clever Redguard names into the military.

Redguard Names

In this game, the Redguards are splendid warriors. They have skills, effective scouts, and brave personality. The Redguards generally do not have the last name. The surnames of Redguards usually associate with a place or a person. However, the Redguards in Elder Scrolls Quests have family names. They can be Kelmar, Stacey, Hawker, Mirel, Stacey, Blackheart, Litte, Rackham, Christophe, Aldwyr, Blakeley, Al-Skaven, and Lylvieve, etc.

It’s important to name your character appropriately in gameplay. It will also keep reminding you of the special characteristics and features that make your game character different from others. There are many different Redguard names that you can use for your characters. 

Series overview

The Elder Scrolls takes place in a high fantasy world with influences from real-world creatures and cultures. These games are serious in tones and epic in scopes. They deal with themes of the great struggle against the evil spirit or supernatural force. This game is typical in high fantasy works, magic, and sorcery, mythical creatures, etc. 

In this game, you can see different political agendas, medieval cities, and strongholds. Also, plot elements include prophecies, myths, and legends. On the other hand, this game is famous for its attention to detail in nature. This includes history, backstory, scenery, and extensive lore. The players form their interpretations of the lore. This way, they develop extensive fan works. 


This is the first game of the series. Initially, this game was not to be a role-playing game at all. It was designed for a player and his team who could travel the world while fighting other teams in their arenas until they became the grand champion of the Imperial City.

After some time, they made it a role-playing game. The makers thought to expand it to include cities outside the arenas, and dungeons beyond the cities. It was better to drop the idea of tournaments altogether and focus on quests and dungeons. This made the game a full-blown role-playing game.


Daggerfall’s plot was less clichéd than Arena’s. It involved a complex series of adventures leading to multiple resolutions. On the other hand, Daggerfall came equipped with an improved character generation engine. It came with the first truly 3D engine. Daggerfall made a game the size of Great Britain filled with 15,000 towns with a population of 750,000. Moreover, it came after the influence of analog games.

Battlespire and Redguard

After the release of Daggerfall, work began on three separate projects at once. They were: An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, and Morrowind. 


The scope of this game was too much for the technology available at the time. On the other hand, it was a smart idea to populate the game using the methods the team developed in Redguard. The game objects were made by hand, rather than generating them using random algorithmic methods.

The other series of the game were Oblivion, Skyrim, Online and Legends, Skyrim Pinball, Blades, and The elder scrolls VI.


In the end, Complex ranked The Elder Scrolls at number 20 on the list of the best video game franchises of 2012. In 2013, The Elder Scrolls competed as the Greatest Game Series of the Decade on GameSpot, beating out 64 other big competitors. The Elder Scrolls game reached the final round and beat the Grand Theft Auto series by a margin of 52.5%. The voting ratio for The Grand Theft Auto was 47.5%.

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