How To Remove Smoke Smell In Cars

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How To Remove Smoke Smell In Cars

Cigarette smoke can stick to almost everything it touches, including clothes, furniture, walls, and interiors of our cars. It’s not only bad for your health, but also for the health of your passengers.

The chemicals in cigarettes trap odor particles. This causes them to seep into surrounding objects. It is therefore so difficult to remove. It is more difficult to get rid of dense materials, which makes car interior fabric seats one of the most stubborn places where smoke odor particles can be found.

It doesn’t stop there. Smoke can not only get in your car’s seats, but it can also penetrate the interior of your vehicle like your heating and cooling ducts, making it very difficult to remove.

Potential buyers are often turned off by cigarette smells so if you have a car that has lingering smoke odor, it is time to get rid of it.

How to get smoke out of cars

It is not an easy job to remove smoke odors from your car. As with carpet cleaning, professional cleaning is the best way to remove any smoke smells from your car. However, vehicle owners can reduce smoke odors temporarily.

Continue reading to find out the importance of cabin air filters replacement, DIY cleaning and air fresheners.

Use air fresheners

Air fresheners can temporarily mask a smoke smell by creating a pleasant scent. However, it will not remove the odor particles. Air fresheners that are used right after smoke damage or when drivers smoke in vehicles will mix with the smoke odors, making the vehicle smell worse. Although air fresheners can be a great option after eliminating the smoke smell, they shouldn’t be your only option.

Change the cabin air filter

Replace the cabin filter if you want to eliminate or reduce smoke odors from your car. It filters all air entering and leaving your car. This filter is often overlooked.

The cabin air filter can be found either under your dashboard, under your hood or behind your glove box. For more information, consult your car’s manual. A new cabin filter can be installed easily and is inexpensive, whether you take it to the mechanic or do it yourself.

Smoke Odor Prevention is Key

You can prevent smoke odors from sticking to your car. You must not smoke in your vehicle. Don’t let anyone else smoke in your car.

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