Roof Rake: What Is A Roof Rake And When To Use It?

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Roof Rake: What Is A Roof Rake And When To Use It?

Clearing snow from your roof is one of the most neglected home maintenance tasks in winter. Learn more about why a roof rake is so important for removing snow from your roof.

What is a Roof Rake?

Roof rakes are a tool that is mounted on a long pole and can be used to push or pull snow off a roof. A roof rake can remove snow from roofs without damaging shingles, gutters, or eaves, provided it is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rooftop Snow Removal Tips: When do you use a roofrake?

You can prevent roof damage from winter by clearing snow off your roof regularly.

These tips will make rooftop snow removal easy.

• Do not climb on your roof or ladder – leave it to professionals or use a snowrake

Never attempt to climb onto a snowy or frozen roof. Keep safe

Clear your roof after every six inches of snowfall

Do not allow snow to accumulate on your roof. Newer roofs in New York must support 30 pounds of snow per square foot. This is roughly equivalent to three feet of fresh snow. Or just one foot of snow packed. Your property is at risk if your roof accumulates more snow than that. This makes clearing the snow more difficult.

Snow Rake: Remove Snow

Telescoping snow rakes allow you to reach the top of a 1-story roof from the ground. You can also extend your curvature and reach the roof overhangs on your 2-story roof. It takes some strength, but it is a great workout. A roof rake is the best way to remove snow from your roof. Snow and ice can fall from your snow rake if you don’t stand far enough away.

Rock salt is not recommended

Use salt and ice melt blends sparingly on your roof. Ice melt blends that contain salt can cause roof damage and lead to rusting of roofing nails and other stains.

Keep an eye on your weather forecast

Weather conditions may affect whether you are able to clear snow off your roof. If the temperatures are above freezing and the sun is shining on your roof, then you can let the weather take care of the rest. Be strategic and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

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