Guideline To Unlock Nightborne Quests And Names

The Nightborne or Shal’dorei known as the children of the night is one of the playable allied races in the World of Warcraft. Introduced at the end of Legion, they are the denizens of Suramar.  Ancient night elves choose to seal themselves far away from the world during the first attack on Azeroth by the Burning Legion. 

The Shal’dorei found themselves forced to ally with the demon. After fighting heroically and defeating the legion, the Nightborne felt a kinship with the blood elves. They are powerful magic users, able to conceive armor and weapons. Their eyes grow blue-white as an indication of this power.


At the end of the third invasion of Burning Legion and the death of Grand Majestic Elisande, Shal’dorei wished to rejoin the world. Thalyssra thought it was unlikely that they could share any common ground with the Horde. So it could only be natural to join, or re-join the night elves, which Thalyssra was herself born as. 

Further, Thalyssra saw the apparent arrogance and mistrust of the night elves. She also felt that the alliance as an organization was too walled off. After a while, Lor’themar Theron of Silvermoon and the Shal’dorei leader decided to establish affiliation. They thought an alliance with the Horde would be best as they share a similar opinion to the Nightborne.

Race Preview

The elves of Suramar became dependent upon the arcane magic of the Nightwell after isolation for 10,000 years. Then leaders of the Nightborne made a bargain with the Burning Legion to stay protected. So, they fought for their freedom from the demonic masters. After that, Nightborne seeks an association in the Horde to get their significant place in the world.

Opening Cutscene

Suramar was the only world you knew for ten-thousands years. With passing years, Azeroth kept changing and fell into the Legions grasp. So to secure the future, you must help reclaim their place in Azeroth. The gameplay moves ahead with new allies that show the world that the legacy of the Nightborne is nothing but strength.


The overall look of the Nightborne is somehow similar to that of the night elves. However, the appearance is a little darker. Unlike the night elves who have brighter skin with tones of pink and purple, they have a pale-tone. The Nightborne has a dark-blue purplish tone.

Other than that, their hair is less colorful than the Kaldorei. Instead, they only have white, grey, black, or pale-blue hair colors. Nightbornes also have glowing tattoos that are seen as a result of Nightwells energy. Their eyes glow white-blue as well.

Nightborne Allied Race

The Battle for Azeroth for the World of Warcraft is a new feature with the other allied races. It was added on 14th August 2018. These are the most significant quest lines that go into the region of Suramar. It is the home for unlocking the Nighborne race. Nightborne Allied Race is the latest playable race in the World of Warcraft. 

Every Allied race has its unique abilities of racial and all of them are usable through all characters. Moreover, this game is supported by the Nintendo switch. Every game has its achievements with reputation requirements. You can earn access to the questline for unlocking the races through these features. To unlock Nightborne, you need to have access to various things that you’ll know further in this article. 

Originally, the Nightborne names from the night elves. The power of Nightwell has left the fate of the elves undecided. The players play through Legion and are known by Nightborne names. The capital city of Suramar is beautiful, it’s a destination between numerous quest lines and home to the Nighthold raid dungeon.

Classes Available to Nightborne

A Nighborne can choose from the following classes:

  • Hunter: Melee or Ranged Mail DPS 
  • Manasaber: Cat with this skin and it is not a beat spirit
  • Death Knight: Tank or Melee plate DPS
  • Mage: Ranged Cloth DPS
  • Monk: Tanker, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS
  • Rogue: Melee Leather DPS
  • Priest: healer or Ranged Cloth DPS
  • Warlock: Ranged Cloth DPS
  • Warrior: Tank or Melee Plate DPS

How to Start the Nightfallen Quest

The Nightborne goes by various Nightborne names such as Night Elves, Blood Elves, Dark Elves, and many more. It is the second race of the Allied Races. They are followers of Thalyssra who want to join with the Horde. Unlocking the Nightborne requires you to gain exalted status with the night fallen of Suramar into that zone.

When you unlock every achievement of these races, you can speak with Sylvans. Further, it returns the players directly to Suramar. The players meet with Lady Liadrin who is the first Arcanist. After arriving, players will meet both Lady Liadrin and The Thalyssra. 

Next, players will monitor the memory and a bit controversial chat with The Tyrande and The Thalyssra. This will explain why you should select the Nightborne names with joining the Horde. It can establish a position in Silvermoon City.

Guideline on How to Unlock Nightborne Allied Game

To play as a Nightborne, players need to complete certain achievements. Such as the insurrection and a level 50 Horde character. When these requirements are met, players need to complete the following short recruitment quest line;

  1. Thalyssra’s Estate
  2. Silvermoon City
  3. Remember the Sunwell
  4. The Nightborne

After completion of the quest for the Nightborne names, you’ll earn the right point for Wow Allied Race: Nightborne. Now, you can log out or make new characters. You can also press the button of Allied Races to make the level 20 Nightborne character. 

Besides, to unlock the Nightborne as a wow Allied race, you need to follow a few steps. When you follow the below three steps, you’ll be able to unlock Nightborne as a Wow Allied race. All of these steps are easy to accomplish.

Step 1: Earn Level 110 with Horde Character

The first step in unlocking Nightborne is to achieve the standard level 110 with the Horde character. Moreover, you don’t need to purchase the Battle for Azeroth here. You can easily earn this level with your Horde character without any boosts. You simply have to hit level 110.

Step 2: Earn Achievement of Insurrection

This step requires you to achieve Insurrection. To earn this achievement, you need to complete each chapter of the main quest line Suramar. During Legion, the restrictions on the Sumaras storyline with the Nightfallen before has been taken away. Now, you can proceed by the Nightfallen storyline repeatedly.

It will be a probable earn if you’re leveling the character for the first time. But when you earn this achievement, you’ll have to hold for the honor and reputation with The Nightfallen. To unlock this race, you have to earn the achievement of Good Suramaritan that requires the completion of the significant zone story quest. This will unlock the necessary quest chain of the insurrection. 

Besides, you can complete this anytime and you’ll gain it. When you finally earn this achievement, you have to finish the ending phase. It requires the Nightborne heritage armor into the army of the Horde just in time for the Battle of Azeroth.

Step 3: Earn the Achievement of Exalted Reputation

Next, you must achieve the reputation of exalted with Nightfallen. Therefore, you should partake in the regular world quest with the effort to crush the required reputation point. If you want to earn a few extra reputation points for the Nightfallen, keep your eye on the daily world quest. It can speed up the process and reserve a chance.

The most important world quest is Withered Army Training. You must complete it as soon as possible. Additionally, if you complete it perfectly, you can earn massive points. It can boost your reputation for unlocking Nightborne.

Step 4: The Final Step

When you finish the following steps, you’ll finally be able to head back to the Orgrimmar. Here, you can take part in the scenario and complete the Withered Army Training. To achieve it, you require at least three days for every particular storyline.

At this position, you can head back to the Suramar and in the Sunwell with Silvermoon as well. It will lead you through a way where you can finally unlock Nighborne as the playable Allied Races. After this, you can earn the Allied Races Nightborne achievement. You will receive the Shal’dorei Tabard and Nightborne Manasaber and you can now create your own Nightborne.


The Nightborne Allied Race is a playable race that is locked in the Battle of Azeroth for years. In this Allied Race guide, you got to know about how to unlock the Nightborne quest and the Nightborne Allied Race. 

Moreover, this article also contains the available races as well as the opening cutscene. If you follow this guideline correctly and complete the achievements, you can play as a Nightborne easily. So move on and play the Allied Game Race with great fun.

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