How To Clean Washing Machine And Dryer – Guide

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How To Clean Washing Machine And Dryer – Guide

Your washer and dryer, just like clothes, need to be cleaned periodically. Washing machines can build up detergent residue that may lead to mold and dryers accumulate lint which could cause a fire. To keep your washer and dryer clean and safe, make sure you wash them regularly.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

1. Use baking soda to run a cycle. Use regular baking soda and water to get the longest and most intense cycle (without laundry). Two cups baking soda can be added directly to the washer. This will combat the moldy smells left behind by fabric softeners and soap.

2. Another cycle can be run with white vinegar. Pour two cups of white vinegar into the machine drum to eliminate any musty odors. You can also add 10 drops essential oil such as lavender or tea tree to the mixture for freshness.

3. Wash the machine’s interior. Use vinegar and cotton to clean the drum and agitator, if they are available. Use a mixture of water and baking soda to remove any stains.

4. If you have a front load washer, clean the rubber seal. It is a breeding ground for mold, which can be harmful to your health as well as your clothes. It can be cleaned with a cotton cloth that has been dipped into white vinegar or another all-purpose cleaner.

5. Clean exterior parts of the washer. Now, it’s time for the exterior surfaces and detergent dispensers to be cleaned. If the dispensers can be removed, remove them first. Use vinegar, your preferred cleaner, and a cotton towel. Clean the top and underside of a top-load washer. If you have cracks or crevices, you can use a toothbrush and baking soda.

How to Clean Your Dryer

1. Clean the trap/lint filter. Depending on your dryer, you might need to remove the filter first. Next, use a narrow wand attachment to your vacuum cleaner to clean out the lint trapped in the filter trap.

2. Vacuum dust from the back panel. Make sure you read the instructions before you start. After you are sure the back panel is safe, remove the bolts. You’ll find a lot of lint in the area. To reach the most difficult areas, vacuum out any lint.

3. Remove any lint from the drum. Wipe the interior drum with a sponge. Dry it off with a clean cloth.

4. Clean the duct. The dryer’s lint duct should be removed from the dryer’s back. Next, vacuum the duct with your vacuum. To ensure that there aren’t any obstructions to the exhaust pipe, you should also inspect it. If there is lint, remove the flap.

5. Clean the dryer. It’s now time to clean the dryer’s exterior surfaces with warm water and an all purpose cleaner. After this, attach the back panel as well as the ducts.

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