How To Remove Food Odors – The 5 Worst Smells

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How To Remove Food Odors – The 5 Worst Smells

Are those really good cheeses or are they your kids’ soiled socks? Is it perfectly grilled sockeye salmon or is it yesterday’s garbage? There is always something to be said about great food and leftover smells.

Do you love these stale foods?

Hardboiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a strong second on the list. Hard-boiled eggs emit a strong rotten egg smell, even when freshly cooked. Why is it so smelly? This is due to the chemical reaction of sulfur in eggs reacting with high pressure or temperature. Although slow boiling can reduce the stench, it can still be very offensive to the nose.


Famously obnoxious cheeses like Limburger emit a strong pong. Many cheeses, especially sharper and more flavorful cheeses emit a similar tang that is reminiscent of sweaty gym bags or stinky feet.


Broccoli can develop flatulence if it is left unattended on a tray of vegetables. Similar strong and unpleasant scents can be detected in cabbage and asparagus.


Raw onions’ pungent aroma can make your eyes water. They’re even worse when cooked, and have an unpleasant, overpowering aroma that lasts for hours.

Can you love your Limburger without smelling?

With a little planning and some action, yes! Fear the funk when you can’t just open a window. There are other options.

• Get the assistance of the vent above your stove.

• After cooking, thoroughly clean up the area, including the counters and sink.

• If you are still having trouble:

• Some pleasant-smelling spices, such as cloves, cinnamon sticks, and citrus peels, can be simmered in water over the stove.

• You can also use essential oils in a perfume burner or on cotton balls strategically placed throughout your home.

• Set aside a bowl of vinegar on the counter for at least one night.

• In a slow cooker, combine a few tablespoons baking soda and water.

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