How To Use A Candle Safely: Fire Safety Guide

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How To Use A Candle Safely: Fire Safety Guide

Open flames can cause fire hazards, so make sure you use candles for special occasions or to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that candles are responsible for nearly 10,000 fires in residential homes each year. These are some tips to help you avoid a candle-caused fire.

Candle fire safety tips to keep your home safe

Candle Fire Safety Dos

• In well-ventilated areas, burn candles.

• Candles should be kept at least one foot from any flammable items, such as curtains, furniture, paper, plants, and electronics.

• Place your candles in sturdy candle holders, then place them on stable and horizontal surfaces that are heat-resistant.

• To ensure they don’t melt, keep lit candles at least 3 inches apart.

• Keep candles away from pets and children.

• You should always be careful around lit candles.

• You might consider replacing your burning candles with flameless, battery-operated candles. Many electrical candles smell and look like real candles.

Candle Fire Safety: Don’t

• In a small space, where air exchange is limited, don’t light too many candles.

• To avoid uneven, uneven burning, flame flare ups, soot formation, and rapid drafts, drafts, fan, or fan motions in your home, don’t light candles in these rooms.

• Use candles only in bedrooms and other sleeping areas. According to statistics, the bedroom is where most candles are used to light a fire.

• Do not burn candles to the bottom. Only light candles when there is at least 2 inches of wax remaining. If candles are stored in a container, only light them when 1/2 inch remains.

• Because wax can drip and cause injury, don’t move candles that are still burning. Before moving candles, make sure they are extinguished.

• Avoid using candles during a power outage. Handling candles in darkness increases the danger of injury or fire. Instead, use flashlights or battery-powered lighting.

• To prevent hot wax from sprinkling, never use water to light a candle. To safely extinguish candles, use a candle snuffer.

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